Flexible Framework: Text-Decoration-Line


Text-Decoration-Line: Class Prefix Options (Required)

The Text-Decoration-Line Class Prefix can be written in different ways depending on your desired specificity.

Minimal .txt
Abbr Strict .txt-decoration-line
Strict .text-decoration-line

Text-Decoration-Line: Class Value Extensions (Required)

The following Text-Decoration-Line values are provided.

-none -underline -overline
-line-through -inherit

Text-Decoration-Line: Example Code

<!-- Minimal: Text is underlined. -->
<div class="txt-undlerline">Text-Decoration-Line</div>

<!-- Abreviated Strict: Text is lined through. -->
<div class="txt-decoration-line-line-through">Text-Decoration-Line</div>

<!-- Strict: Text is overlined. -->
<div class="text-decoration-overline">Text-Decoration-Line</div>