Real-Time Data

Wonderful. But . . .

Single-page web apps can be really fast. When built responsively, they are wonderful to use on any size of device. They don’t care what platform you prefer (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows). And web apps make your data available to your team anywhere there is an internet-connected device. Wonderful. But . . .

Refresh The Page

We’ve all been on the phone with a team member who is on a business trip and they say, “I just entered the information. Refresh the page.” So, even though we are using a single-page app, and we’re not supposed to have to refresh the page and wait for everything to reload just to see a small bit of data, we do. We hit “refresh” and wait.

St. Louis To San Antonio In Seconds

What if web apps could instantly update data on all logged-in devices the moment it’s entered? They can — through the marvelous technology of real-time data. A team member on business in St. Louis can enter the information for a new client, and it will instantly appear for the rest of the team in San Antonio. No page refresh. No wait. Just magically updated.

When single-page web apps are built responsively with real-time data, you’ll have a magical experience no matter what device you use. Your data will be instantly available to everyone who needs it. And the refresh and wait frustration will be gone.

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