Lightening Fast

Refresh And Wait

Web apps are essential because key data is available to your entire team no matter where they are in the world. However, web applications tend to be slow. Constantly refreshing the page and waiting for it to load can become tedious in the middle of a busy day.

Slow Traditional Apps

In traditional web apps, the same content, the same mark-up, sometimes even the same images, code libraries and files are re-downloaded from the internet and then reloaded into your browser just because you need to see some small amount of new information. Downloading all of those things that have not changed just to get a bit of new data, slows you down and costs you time.

Fast Single-Page Web Apps

We build single-page web applications using the Meteor JS framework. Rather than loading the entire page every time you request new information, single-page apps only retrieve the tiny amount of data you need when you need it. If the browser already has it, the app does not take time to get it again. The page never refreshes. It just updates magically before your eyes. And it does so very, very quickly.

Traditional Web Apps

Refresh the page for new data.
Reload the app over and over.
Reload data you already have.
Slow to use.

Single-Page Apps

Never Refresh the page.
Load the app once.
Load only the data that’s new.
Fast to use.

When the technique of developing single-page web apps is combined with the technology of real-time data, you’ll have a web application experience like no other. It’ll be fast. Lightening fast.

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