Device Agnostic

Large Screens and Small

The power of a web application is the fact that your information is available to you and your team anytime - anywhere. If you have an internet connected device, you expect to be able to access your data. The problem is that there are so many different sizes of internet connected devices.

Many Devices

Applications are used on 4-inch smart phones, 7-inch tablets, 30-inch displays and everything in-between. With so many different sizes, how do we ensure your app will always look good and be usable? There are too many devices to target only one. And a traditional “one size fits all” solution just doesn’t fit. It only causes a lot of pinching, zooming and frustration. The answer is a responsively designed web application.

One Application

Responsive design is a technique of creating one app with one look and feel that responds to an infinite number of screen sizes. As the screen width changes, your site's layout changes to ensure the right fit for your users. No matter what screen size is released in the future, your app is ready.

Want to see responsive design in action? Resize the width of your browser and watch this site respond. Check out to see a responsively designed web app. The technique of responsive design coupled with the platform independence of the web provides access to your data on any internet connected device.