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Flexible Framework

Growing & Useful SASS

Over the years I have developed an ever-growing collection of useful and customizable SASS. I finally decided to clean it up, document it and put it on GitHub. There is more to be added, but the first shareable version is done. Below are the basic goals/features of the code. For more information please click through to the documentation.

Case Study: Flexible Funnel

Project Requirements

1000 Leads
100 Appt.
10% of Leads
10 Offers
10% of Appts.
1 Deal
10% of Offers

A recent project required the design of a visual sales funnel. The requirements were as follows:

  • No Images
  • 100% SASS
  • Completely Configurable
  • Mobile Responsive

App: Flexible Homeschool App

Flexible Homeschool App is an online homeschool planner. It helps you organize your homeschool around the realities of life. It’s structured enough to keep you on track but flexible enough to let life happen.

App: Discover Christ's Church

Simple Registration

The Discover Christ’s Church App is designed for use at a meet-and-greet with the minister after each service for people new to the church. Christ’s Church averaged 4,000 in attendance and had a lot of first time guests each week. Hosts and hostesses would have iPads with the app pulled up in Kiosk mode (full screen mode). Guests could then be registered for one of the upcoming Discover Christ’s Church membership classes.

The Keynote Store

Reflected Style

Keynote is presentation software made by Apple. The Keynote Store is a full featured e-commerce site for selling custom themes created to be used with the software. The site is designed to reflect the look and feel of Apple’s retail stores. This is accomplished through the use of clean, crisp content sections against wood, concrete and aluminum textures.

Just Released

Flexible Homeschool App

Flexible School Schedule Interface View App

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