App: Flexible Homeschool App

Flexible Homeschool App is an online homeschool planner. It helps you organize your homeschool around the realities of life. It’s structured enough to keep you on track but flexible enough to let life happen.


Plan your school year by flexible terms and weeks per term, not rigid dates on a calendar that tend to come undone once real life begins to happen.


Maintain a list of resources (books, links, videos, audio, apps) for your homeschool. Attach resources to school work for later reference and your records.


Plan school work around the individual needs and pace of each child. Speed up or slow down––our system can handle it with no extra effort on your part.

Set Your Pace

One child goes faster with math. Another goes a little slower with reading. Flexible Homeschool App can handle it. Even if you must stop school for a couple of days, simply pick back up right where you left off.

No alerts screaming that you’re falling behind and no piling up supposedly overdue work. Move through school work at the proper pace for each child.

Track Your Progress

Flexible Homeschool App is about recording what you actually did, when you did it and how long it took you to do it. It keeps pace with your child. It does not demand that your child keep pace with it.

Progress bars show each child’s advancement, giving you a quick sense of how many of the planned lesson times you have completed and how many you have yet to complete.


Create custom reports to reflect a wide variety of data based on what you have recorded (School Year, Terms, School Work, Resources). View the report for any student and any school year.


If you need to include specific reports in your child’s portfolio or if you just love paper and want to print reports, you can. In fact, you can print more than reports. You can print every view in the app.

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