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A Solution That Grows With Your Business

Future proof your software.

Shopping for off-the-shelf software to meet the needs of your business has been unfruitful. Nothing quite fits. More importantly, you know that your needs will expand and change in the future. Off-the-shelf software won’t expand or change. At least not the way you want or when you want.

Spend Less Effort On Training

Spend less time training and more time succeeding.

A serious problem looms on the horizon. There is only one person in the office who can navigate the spiderweb of poorly designed spreadsheets and document merges your business relies on. And she is retiring.

Automate Away Accidents

Error-prone no more.

It happened again. Your team is conscientious and works hard. But another order was botched and another customer is unhappy. It’s not your people. It’s the error-prone hodgepodge of spreadsheets, pdf’s, emails and old fashioned paper. There are too many places for too many things to go wrong.

A Custom Solution For Your Business

Your business is one of a kind - your software should be to.

The off-the-shelf software you bought several years ago was good enough to get started. But one-size-fits-all has never really fit at all. Now that you have grown, it no longer meets your rather specific needs. A lot of time is spent getting it to work - sort of. And that means less time is spent acquiring and serving customers.

Reduce Business Frustration

Less frustration - increased focus - more business.

Your outdated software has become unbearable. Data that should be automatically calculated has to be manually figured and manually entered. Users must be familiar with an arcane set of input codes. And the interface is an unintelligible mess. The whole thing is an exercise in frustration.

Access Your Business Data Anywhere

Your business is everywhere. Your data should be too.

Your team is out in the field taking measurements, collecting data and making sales. They record it all on their iPads and laptops. It is shared through a messy back-and-forth of email. The computer where all that information is collected and processed is at the office, so everything has to be re-entered again.

Streamline Your Business Processes

A faster process saves time which equals money.

Contact information is in one spreadsheet, sales orders are in another. And warehouse instructions are still handwritten on paper. An enormous amount of time is spent keeping all this data coordinated and communicated to the right people.

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