Automate Away Accidents

Error-prone no more.

It happened again. Your team is conscientious and works hard. But another order was botched and another customer is unhappy. It’s not your people. It’s the error-prone hodgepodge of spreadsheets, pdf’s, emails and old fashioned paper. There are too many places for too many things to go wrong.

You need a clear, repeatable process that has been automated through custom software. Entering the necessary data once via a clean and simple interface and having it instantly available to everyone who needs it would reduce errors and increase productivity.

Mature software for a mature business.

When you were bootstrapping your business, you got things done with the tools at hand. Now that your company has grown and matured, those tools cause a lot of problems because they are error-prone. The more people and processes you add, the more error-prone they become. Wouldn’t it be better to:

  • Enter data once and have it populate everywhere
  • Make corrections in one location and have it populate everywhere
  • Automate repetitive tasks which are mind-numbing and error-prone

If data is entered once and populated everywhere it’s needed, the opportunity for error is reduced. If it is entered incorrectly, it only has to be corrected in one location, increasing accuracy. Errors and mistakes can be very costly. The more tasks that can be automated, the less likely mistakes will be made.

Let’s chat about reducing the potential for error.

If you need to increase the quality of your output by reducing the chance of errors through automation, give us a call or send us an email. The first consultation is free. A well-designed web app will increase productivity while reducing costly mistakes. It will save time. And saving time always means saving money, which is good for business.